Funeral Speeches 101: Making The Best Funeral Speech

By Margaret Marquisi

Funeral speeches can also be called a Eulogy. Eulogy refers to a speech being delivered at a memorial service. In Greek, the word eulogy refers to praising or saying good things about the one who passed away.

Memorials are something solemn so almost everyone who makes a speech during these occasions makes it a point that they are something worth remembering about the one who died. If you were given a chance to make a eulogy but you tongue-tied and dont know how to begin, there are sample funeral speeches that are available in the net, or you can ask your relatives who had experienced speaking during memorials for sample funeral speeches.

It is very important that you have sample funeral speeches before speaking in front of many people about the one who passed away. Its better to be prepared and sure that what youre going to say about that person is memorable and meaningful to both of you; its also good if other people can relate so that they wont get bored when listening.


Although memorial services are known to others as a grieving moment, some people make their eulogies funny by stating some hilarious experiences he or she had with the one who just died; maybe people add fun lines to their eulogies just to break the sadness in everyones face because for some, dead is just another life to start with. Even though some insert laugh lines in their eulogies, theres always something inspiration in the end.

The main reason of writing a eulogy is to remember the dead. This is like a tribute to what they lived for. Those who are not so talented in writing might have to ask other people to help them structure their sentences, some may even ask for sample funeral speeches; thats totally fine and normal since not everyone are gifted with public speaking as well as expressing their feelings well.

To help you write sample funeral speeches, you must first have ideal topics in your mind. Then later on you can make an outline on what you want to say per topic. It can be something that youve done together that you consider precious, or something that you fought about then reconciled, or something that will simply describe how he was and how he touched your life. Remember that when describing the one who passed away, always explain a little further but not too long; do not just say one adjective and thats it or do not over explain things that your thoughts and words will just go in circles. If you make a very long eulogy, the tendency is people listening to you might fall asleep. Keep it brief, simple, and insert jokes if you want to just to liven up the surrounding.

To make the best eulogy speech, say things from the bottom of your heart; always mean what you say. Share the memories to those who care. If you think you lack words, your heart does not.

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