Baur Group Says Goodbye To 38 Trainees

By Lisa Wand

In the past few months 38 young people were able to finish their training in Baur Group companies. Thirty of them completed their training or dual courses of study at Baur Versand. They were trained to become photographers, warehouse specialists, informatics specialists and media designers, amongst other things. The young people who completed a dual course of study specialised in trade, textile management and sales management. Eight former trainees studied at Baur Fulfillment Solutions and can now call themselves “businessmen and women for dialogue marketing.”

According to tradition, Baur director Albert Klein, personnel manager Sabine Kratochwil, head instructor Max-Josef Weismeier and spokeswoman for training Doreen Nagel invited the former trainees to the restaurant Nepomuk in Altenkunstadt. Here, they congratulated them on their successfully completed training and presented them with training certificates and lovingly packed gifts. In an emotional speech manager Albert Klein stressed that a new phase was now starting in the lives of the former trainees in which they can prove that in the past few years they studied not for school but for life. Furthermore, many of them will find employment in the Baur Group. Some will also leave the company, for example to pursue further studies.


“The Baur Group was extremely happy with the 2012 training graduates,” head instructor Max-Josef Weismeier proudly explains. He adds, “with their training the former trainees have laid a solid foundation that will be the starting point for so many successful carriers.”

Training was successfully completed at Baur Versand by Ana Carolina Alex, Katharina Baierl, Eva Grasser, Kathrin Lindner, Bettina Weber, Carina Wittmann (all dual studies), Lena Schlawne, Oliver Andert, Pinar Kayalar (businessmen and women in retail), Robert Bernhart, Lisa Dinkel, Stefanie Rsner (all specialists in warehouse logistics), Moritz Dautel, Florian Funk, Nicole Viessmann (all warehouse specialists), Judith Hojer, Romina Uhrlau, Natascha Bittner (all photographers), Sonja Fiedler, Stefan Gagel, Manuela Moosleitner, Lisa Schtz (all businessmen and women in wholesale and export trade), Bjrn Erlwein, Sven Herrmannsdrfer, Matthias Knitt, Danny Wessels (all informatics specialists), Nicole Buhl (businesswoman in marketing communication), Kristina Barthold, Julia Hofmann and Clarissa Reinhardt (all media designers).

Roman Brumm, Stefanie Dreel, Kornelia Lieb, Vildan Pracic, Verena Renner, Loisa Skalitzky, Helena Snow and Nina Zcklein were able to successfully complete their training as businessmen and women in dialogue marketing. Simone Snkel, the BFS training commissioner, celebrates with them.

About the Baur Group

As a member of the worldwide active Otto Group, the Baur Group consists of 12 central companies and brands with a focus on commerce and commerce-related services. This includes, for example, Baur Versand, Baur Fulfillment Solutions, I’m walking, mirapodo and the Kaufhaus Kaufwelt Baur. The Baur Group has a total of about 4,500 employees. The headquarters are located in Burgkunstadt, in Upper Franconia. The Baur Group is active in Austria and Switzerland via its subsidiary Unito with brand names such as Universal, Otto sterreich, Quelle sterreich, Quelle Schweiz and Ackermann. The external sales of the entire Baur group were about 616 mil. Euro (IFRS standard) in the 2010/2011 financial year.

About the Author: Dr. Jrg Hoepfner is the spokesman of the Baur Versand (GmbH & Co KG) A member of the otto group Mail: Tel.: 09572 / 91 30 20 Fax: 09572 / 91 11 30 20 Bahnhofstrae 10 96224 Burgkunstadt

BAUR Group says goodbye to 38 trainees


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