How To Lose Weight 3 Simple Tips That Can Help Anyone Lose Weight

By Vienna Miller

Wondering how to lose weight? Weight loss is big business these days. In fact it’s a billion dollar industry.

So it’s not surprising that diets and weight loss programs are becoming more and more complicated. After all, the newest fad diet has to be different from the 37 other fad diets that were popular before it right?

In fact, dieting almost seems like a national pastime – a recreational sport. Who cares that we never actually reach our goals – as long as there’s something new to try!

If you’re confused and wondering about how to lose weight, don’t worry. Assuming you’re in general overall good health it’s not that complicated.

If you’ve failed in the past with complicated diet plans and food counting, you don’t have to go back to that. Here are 3 simple and easy weight loss tips that you can use to slim down, without complicated or time-consuming fad diets:

#1 Control Your Portions

Portion control may seem like an old fashioned concept but it works. We are so out of balance today on what a “proper” portion is, it’s ridiculous.


From extra large big gulps to supersized fast food meals, we eat portions in North America that would feed a family in poorer countries – for a week. Even if you don’t want to cut out your sweet treats or comfort foods, you can lose weight just by cutting your portion sizes.

Start slow, maybe by cutting them in half, then maybe by a third. Take your time and really taste the food. Savor it. By doing this you may not even notice that you’re getting less of it – or care.

#2 Eat Food You Like

Yes, that’s right – in order to lose weight, you have to actually enjoy your food. The problem with a lot of diets is that people don’t enjoy the food.

You can’t expect to eat bland, dull, blah food for more than a few days without feeling like you want to rip someone’s head off. That’s called deprivation – and it’s actually a natural reaction.

Most people don’t realize that food has 2 purposes. The main purpose is to nourish you physically. However there is also an emotional nourishing element to it as well.

Other cultures know this – that’s why the French and the Italians treat their food (and meal times) as something special. When you ignore the emotional aspect of eating by eating food you can’t stand, then you will break your diet guaranteed.

So no matter what diet or weight loss plan you choose – make sure it includes food you enjoy.

Now that doesn’t mean you eat twinkies and chocolate bars for every meal. However there are diets that include chocolate and even pizza. There are diet food delivery services that will make you gourmet, restaurant-quality meals that taste amazing – but are still low in calories.

No matter what you choose to do, make sure that you feed your emotional need every day for good-tasting food!

#3 Get Moving

No, this is not about exercise. We all know we need to move around more in order to keep the weight off. But this is more about your mental attitude.

See, many of us wish we could lose weight. And maybe we half-heartedly try the latest diet for about a day or two. Maybe we turn down a dessert at a restaurant here or there. But we’re not really taking active steps to lose weight.

There are many reasons for this – maybe we feel bad about diets that failed in the past (note: the diet failed – not you!). Maybe we are beating ourselves up for gaining weight over the holiday season (note: you’re normal – no reason to feel bad, we all indulge. It’s not the end of the world.)

But the outcome of this is that we are scared to really take serious steps to tackle the problem. We get lulled into thinking “If I don’t really try, I can’t really feel bad if I fail.”

But if you are serious about losing weight you must get moving. Try something. Pick a diet, choose a weight loss plan that you get excited about.

I personally like to use a diet meal delivery service every spring to get the winter weight off – it gives me built-in portion control and the meals are delicious. But you may choose to try something else. Whatever it is – do it. Take action steps to put your weight loss plan into place.

Get off the couch and go after your dreams. Nobody is going to do it for you.

So those are 3 simple tips on how to lose weight. If you follow these 3 tips, you won’t be one of those people this year who only “wish” they were slimmer – you will be slimmer, happier and more confident!

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