The Best Solution To Hair Fall, Weak And Dull Hair}



Pandey Nirmal


Who does not like a beautiful, healthy mane to adorn their heads? Thick, lustrous hairy is always associated with a healthy, attractive person. The hairy care industry is churning billions of dollars trying to promise people healthier, better looking strands.

What happens when one suddenly starts experiencing hair loss? How would they feel if it keep falling all over their beds, chairs and bathrooms? It is a very difficult position to be in. Doctors assure that 50-100 strands fall everyday and these are replaced by newer once. If the numbers go beyond this, then it will definitely result in hairy loss.

What can be done?

Starting on Grocapix Gel is probably the easiest and quickest solution for hairy loss. Grocapix Gel is a product of Alembic Pharma. Alembic Pharmaceuticals is Asias very popular brand that serves people in more than 75 countries all over the world.

Grocapix Gel is a much researched and developed product from this brand. It is in fact patented for the usage of four Biochanin rich amino acids in its composition. Grocapix is considered a treatment formula for:


Seasonal hairy loss

Post menopausal loss

Age related loss and

Generic hair breakage

It contains 2 major ingredients that work wonders in controlling and promoting faster growth of hair.

1.Biochanin A

This ingredient naturally inhibits Dihydro testosterone (DHT), which plays a large role in hair breakage, especially in male pattern baldness. It also modulates free radical damage to the scalp, protecting the hair and scalp.


Capixyl is a natural product and contains bio metric peptide and red clover. It helps stop the conversion of testosterone to 5 DHT. This process is the main cause for damage and by inhibiting this, the body is suppressed of the act of damaging and promotes regrowth instead.

How to use Grocapix Gel?

This product is a leave on serum. This means that it need not be washed off post application. On cleaned and dried hairy, the gel needs to be applied all over the scalp and gently massaged. The massaging helps the gel get absorbed deep into the scalp. The product stays on the surface all day long and works on inhibiting damage and promoting regrowth.

Where does one buy anti hair loss products?

Grocapix will cost INR 1190 for a 60 gram tube and INR 1790 for a 100 gram tube. is an ecommerce website that right now is offering a discount on the same. Users can avail cash on delivery option and also get the product home delivered all over India.

Does hairy loss mean anything serious?

In most cases, eating healthy food, including a lot of proteins in diet, using good hair care products etc. should help control the same. In few cases, it can also be a result of an inlying medical condition. It is hence necessary to consult a doctor of the problem persists even after the above mentioned treatments. is an Online Health care store. It offers a large variety of products ranging from personal care, baby care, beauty care, baby care products like Grocapix gel to food supplements, wellness devices, sports and fitness equipments and accessories. Packing and shipping are done in an expert way so as to avoid any damage and to ensure product delivery on time. Cash on Delivery facility is available for all products.

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