Need To Rent A Dumpster, Few Guidelines &Amp; Checklist For Your Dumpster Rental}

Need to Rent a Dumpster, few guidelines & checklist for your dumpster rental



Whether its a Christmas or New Year, what we all need is to do some renovation to decorate our home to celebrate the occasion. But most of the people always worried about the garbage or junk that came out of every remodeling work. So now no need to worry as we all can rent a dumpster on an affordable price for a particular period for our location.

What exactly is a dumpster? A dumpster is nothing but a big container which can carry tons of waste. There are many dumpster service providers in United States. You can even call them and book a dumpster. For reference you can call at (877) 300-1694 to rent a dumpster. A dumpster is of various sizes, starting from 10 Yard to 40 Yard. Its all depends upon the waste limit for which you need a dumpster.

The question that always comes to the mind of a customer is the dumpster size. We all are not quite sure about which dumpster to book on rent. Let me tell you something about each dumpster sizes.

A 10 Yard dumpster is having a Dimension of 12L x 4H x 8W & Ideal for small scale home projects such as basement cleanup. This 10 Yard dumpster will be having 1 Ton Limit of waste. Dumpster Rental Service providers always charge some extra amount if the customers exceeds the Ton Limit.

A 20 Yard dumpster is having a Dimensions of 22L x 4.5H x 8W which is Ideal for small to medium home jobs like kitchen or bath remodeling and customers can keep 2 Ton weight limit in this dumpster.

A 30 Yard dumpster is having a Dimensions of 22L x 6H x 8W & is Ideal for major home projects such new addition or demolition. This will carry 3 Ton weight limit.

A 40 Yard dumpster is having a Dimensions of 22L x 8H x 8W & is Ideal for large home projects or commercial clean out. This 40 Yarder will carry 4 Ton weight limit.

All the dumpsters are generally given for a period of 10 days rental, whereas for California location the rental period is 7 days.

Before a customer selects a dumpster, he/she always need to check & verify the type of waste that needs to be kept inside the dumpster. The dumpster prices usually depend upon the type of waste. So what are the different waste types? It can be General waste i.e. the waste is generally a result of house hold or office clean ups. It includes low density, non hazardous materials such as rugs, carpet, small furniture, plastic, waste food and paper. It can also be Green Yard Waste i.e. the waste is biodegradable waste. This waste includes grass or flower cuttings, hedge or tree trimmings, weeds, leaves, Christmas trees and other yard trimmings. You can come across with construction waste i.e. the waste is generally a result of major renovations and or construction/demolition clean up. It includes bulky materials such as concrete, brick, roofing material, wood, sod and window replacements. And finally recyclable wastes i.e. the waste includes cardboard, wood, scrap metal, asphalt, concrete and brick. Unlike the other waste this waste may not be mixed for reasons that it may be treated as General waste which may result in a higher price.

Still confused not sure about the waste type, just call (877) 300-1694 & the support team will help you out to find out a dumpster & waste type.

You can also book a dumpster online at which always assure timely delivery & pick up.

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Need to Rent a Dumpster, few guidelines & checklist for your dumpster rental}