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Scaffolding Rental

Scaffolding rental is an important part of any construction project particularly when there are plenty of jobs that must be completed several feet off the ground. Renting scaffolding is one of the most cost effective options you can have as opposed to actually buying a brand new scaffolding structure or renting a scissor lift. Scaffolding has been used all throughout the history of construction and even if it is just a temporary structure, it provides a great help for workers to reach higher places and work in a convenient platform. Compared to other construction equipment and other related tools, estimating the rental cost for scaffolding is somewhat straightforward and can be easily completed if you have at least a basic guide for estimating rental cost. Here s how.


To estimate the scaffolding rental cost, measure first the total length of the area where you are planning to use the scaffolding. The distance will commonly enfold around the four corners of the building which is typical where you are planning to place scaffolding around the building in order to ensure continuous work.

Also measure the maximum height of the building where you need to reach using your scaffolding. Once you have the measurements, you can now make inquiries from a construction scaffolding rental company either within your locality or you can use the internet to find a building supply company or a rental company where you can ask for a current quote. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a weekly or monthly rental rate for each scaffolding unit based on the size from your measurement. Scaffolding is not typically economical for renting for a day or two. Typical scaffolding units commonly measure 8 feet by 6 feet depending on the manufacturer of the scaffolding.

To get a proper calculation, divide the total length of the area where you are planning to use the scaffolding with the total length of the scaffolding units. This will help you come up with an exact calculation of the total number of scaffolding you need from the scaffolding rental company which will completely extend over the total length of the working area. Also divide the maximum height with the height of the standard scaffolding so you can have an estimated calculation of the number of units the working area will need based on height.

Once you have the figures, multiply the overall number of scaffolding units with the daily rental cost from the scaffolding rental company so you can have the exact amount you need for your rental budget. Also estimate the number of days or weeks you will need the units which may vary a lot depending on the expanse of the job that must be completed. You can multiply the number by the daily rental rate so you can find out the actual cost of the scaffolding rental

Scaffolding is not something that the average rental company is likely to carry and as such you could spend many hours searching for a company that not only rents it, but has what you need in stock and when you need it.

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